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Fresh Produce

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Top Quality Fruits and Vegetables

Are you looking for fresh produce in Portland, OR? Check out The Barn, a produce shop that offers a wide variety of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Our local produce is sourced from the Trapold Farms, one of the most well-known farms in Portland.

Fresh Produce for Better Health

You are what you eat. Your diet largely affects your health as well as your overall wellness. Consume all-fresh food and you are sure to feel the difference. Besides being equipped with all the right vitamins and nutrients, you can also get rid of toxins and other harmful substances when you eat only fresh produce. Make the shift today and buy fresh produce from us.

Support Local, Be Environment Friendly

Each time you buy locally grown produce, you are supporting local farmers who play an essential role in the local economy. Shopping locally is also a great way to be environment friendly. It is a strategic means of lowering carbon footprint, since you do not have to travel.

Get Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally good for the health. However, keep in mind that not all farming methods produce the same quality. If you want to be sure about the produce you consume, get them only from a trusted dealer like us. Call us today at 503-253-5103 for more information.

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